Product Information

Products can be labelled with your dispensaries labels as your brand of approved edibles
or we can label the product with the budzilla brand for no additional cost

All products are individually wrapped and ready to re sell
We only supply established medical cannabis dispensaries or licensed medical patients

The cannabis that we utilize is first decarboxylated.
We convert delta 9 thc to delta 11 thc and then concentrate it in order to adjust dosage.

We use only pure concentrates made from either
- MK Ultra sativa hybrid strain (64.45% THC 12% CBD 12% CBN)
- Afghanni Kush indica strain (72.10% THC 15% CBD 12% CBN)

With the dispensaries in mind our products usually cost on average about a dollar less
than our competitors who use leaf and stock plant matter as their cannabis base

Our products do not taste or smell like cannabis! There is no unpleasant "Green" (which is chlorophyll residue) look.

Retail value per unit can be set at 100% per unit!


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